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                Company Profile
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                Hubei Jinxu Agriculture Development Co., Ltd formerly known as Hubei Liang You Livestock &Poultry Co., Ltd is a Sino-foreign joint venture set up by Hubei Provincial Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Corporation, China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd, Guangnan Hong Development Company Limited, Hubei Center of Livestock and Poultry Breeding and Shenzhen Golden Star Enterprise Co., Ltd with a registered capital of 122.20million. It is one of the modern farming corporations with pioneering investment in the industry, which boasts the highest degree of specialization, the most advanced production technology, and a high market acclaim with its complete industrial chain.

                Jinxu has eight subsidiaries, 3 branches and a joint venture company with total assets of 410 million Yuan, 270 million Yuan of net assets.

                8 production bases:

                Boluo Taimei Livestock&Poultry Co., Ltd (GUANGDONG PROVINCE)

                Huizhou Lizhicheng Livestock&Poultry Co., Ltd (GUANGDONGPROVINCE)

                Guangzhou Huianfeng Livestock&Poultry Co., Ltd (GUANGDONGPROVINCE)

                Xishui Changliu Animal Husbandry  Co., Ltd (HUBEIPROVINCE)

                Hubei Longwang Livestock&Poultry Co., Ltd (HUBEI PROVINCE)

                Hainan Luoxing Animal Husbandry  Co., Ltd (GUANGDONGPROVINCE)

                Hubei Jinxu JSR Breeding Limited (HUBEIPROVINCE)

                Guangdong Yingde Animal Husbandry  Co., Ltd (GUANGDONGPROVINCE)

                Adopting "integrating industrial chain, highlighting professional" approach, the company has laid the position as an industry pacesetter with a annual production scale of 200 thousand commercial pigs , 25 thousand breeding pigs, 60 thousand tons feedstuff and providing 10 thousand to Hong Kong amounting to one-seventh sales share of the Hong Kong market.

                Based in the junction ofJianshe RoadandXinhua Roadwhich is also known as "Golden Cross "WuhanHubei, Jinxu has easy access to transportation and information. Now, taking the opportunity of share reforming, the company is embracing a new-round rapid expansion with the strategic thinking of developing "industrial chain".

                ubei Jin Xunong industry Co., Ltd. by the Hubei Provincial Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Corporation, a subsidiary of Hubei Liangyou livestock overall ...


                Development Corporation of Hubei Jin Xunong industry Co., Ltd. by the Hubei Provincial Cereals, Oils & Foodstuffs Import & Export (Group) Corporation, a subsidiary of Hubei Liangyou livestock overall ...